Take control of your remote screen

Présentation sans fil

Integrated wireless presentation system


32 Multitouch points

Os Android

Android 5.0.1 interface

Logiciel interactif intégré

Interactive software

Ops windows

OPS PC option

tailles d'écrans full hd

Easypitch 3 years onsite guarantee uninstallation / reinstallation
(mainland France)

Maximum viewing comfort

179° vision optimale

Nobody will find themselves in a blind spot when viewing the screen (179˚ maximum viewing angle). The very large tactile area (214 cm diagonal) provides exceptional comfort and working space.

Shock resistant

easypitch pro screen composition

Easypitch screens are equipped with a 4-5 mm tempered glass screen, allowing them to be used intensively in high-traffic areas (shopping centres, school buildings, workshops, factories…). The working surface is designed to resist repeated shocks without risk of deterioration.

Optimal brightness

8 hours of autonomy

A technical anti-reflection layer is integrated into the glass surface and the display, eliminating the majority of glare and reducing visual fatigue. The brightness levels are suited to sustained daily use.

Long lifespan

55 000 hours lifespan

The average lifespan of Easypitch screens is 33 years or 55,000 hours. The guarantee is for 3 years.


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Montage is a wireless presentation system that allows everyone to be the presenter.

Up to 4 participants can share their screens with others on the main interactive touchscreen. These participants can be in the same place or not.

Designed for touch sensitive operation, this all-in-one solution allows the presenter at the front of the room to reorganize the view of the content, take-over connected computers, annotate, and share documents.

Participants can easily connect via a Web browser, AirPlay, Miracast or the desktop application. Remote attendees can use the audio and the native video

  • Share your content wirelesslyWith all the attendees in a meeting. No cables or adapters required
  • ControlWith Montage, you can control any connected computer
  • Animate your contentIntuitive annotation tools provided.
  • Connect and collaborate wherever you areWatch and share the screen of each attendee to your meeting. Whether in the same room or remotely.
  • Multi-screensVisualise up to 4 attendees screens simultaneously.
  • Need more connections, video and sound?Upgrade to Montage Box.
  • Multi-platformRegardless of your device, you can stream to your big screen.

Easypitch Pro interactive screens

Easypitch pro 43 Easypitch pro 55 Easypitch pro 65 Easypitch pro 65 4K
Description 43" Full HD 55" Full HD 65" Full HD 65" UHD 4K
Integrated wireless presentation system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Router WIFI intégré Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sensors Infrared Infrared Infrared Infrared
Contact points x 32 x 32 x 10 x 32
Display type LED LED LED LED
Resolution Full HD Full HD Full HD 4K
Brightness (cd/m2) 350 400 350 450
Speakers 2 x 15W+ bass 1*15W 2 x 15W+ bass 1*15W 2 x 15W+ bass 1*15W 2 x 15W+ bass 1*15W
Anti-reflection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Glass 4mm 4mm 5mm 4mm
Response time 5.5 ms 6 ms 5 ms 4 ms
HID Yes Yes Yes Yes

VGA OUT, VGA1/Audio, VGA2/Audio, 2x USB3 Android, HDMI1, HDMI2, DP IN, USB2.0 Android, USB TOUCH OUT, Antenna Wifi, RS-232, WANN IN, LAN OUT AV IN, SPDIF, Headphone, TOUCH OUT2, Audio PC IN3, VGA3 PC IN3, RJ45

Energy usage (Watts) 120 230 260 270
Lifespan (hours) 55 000 55 000 55 000 55 000
Warranty un/reinstall 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years

Dimensions and weights

Dimensions (L x H x l) 1015 x 112 x 614 1311 x 113 x 783 1527 x 114 x 903 1527 x 114 x 903
Weight kg 28 40 58 58
VESA l(mm)xH(mm) 200x400 400x400 400x400 400x400

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