Easypitch for business

Collaboration, presentation, training, planning, brainstorming: these are the actions that stimulate the life of a company every day. The effectiveness in how they are implemented is a fundamental element of a company's overall performance in the short and the long term. If Easypitch interactive displays have such a strong impact on productivity, decision-making and innovation, it is precisely because they act directly on these key actions and have revolutionised them.


Easypitch for teaching and training

Good education begins by stimulating the desire to learn. Easypitch interactive screens capture the attention of learners and motivate their participation. For teachers they make the job easier to implement differentiated instruction and the flipped classroom. In comparison with results obtained by the more traditional methods of presentation, learners are more motivated and digest facts more easily and with the benefit of more information.


Créer des contenus interactifs

How many times have you attended a presentation that deals with a very interesting topic, yet you have difficulty paying attention right to the end? Easypitch screens significantly enhance the impact of your presentations.


échanger facilement

The interactive screen is certainly the strongest driver of change in holding work meetings in business. It makes it possible to coordinate the various ideas from many people in order to produce a more effective common task.


adapté à la classe

Visualisation and participation are important elements of a learning process. The opportunity to interact on the Easypitch screen stimulates the attention of learners and makes the acquisition of knowledge so much easier.


outils interactifs de diagramme et calendrier

Organising tasks is an essential factor of productivity and efficiency. In project management, Easypitch screens facilitate task scheduling, resource mobilization and contingency control.

Powerful teaching tool

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Easypitch screens promote team-based learning and encourage participation. They allow teachers to diversify their teaching scenarios and to adapt to all learning styles: tactile, visual and audio learners.

Creativity and Innovation


Easypitch facilitates the exchange and expression of ideas by making tools and resources accessible that stimulate creativity. A session of brainstorming or exchanging ideas will be richer, more intense and better structured.

Immersive engagement


Easypitch screens transform a typical meeting room into an immersive and interactive professional workspace. Unrestricted technical access to inexhaustible resources encourages participation, standing and engagement. Additional value for change management and crisis management.

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